Scoops Interview: CuzeScoopz’s Steve Ronsdi sits down with local Walmart Greeter

Heading into the busy holidays we wanted a chance to speak with someone who is in the midst of the Christmas madness. Cuzeskoopz’z Steve Ronsdi had the opportunity to sit down with local Walmart greeter Becky Smith and chat about the holiday shopping season.
CS: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us about the holiday shopping season.
BS: Tanks, my supervisor let me use a vacation day to do this interview.
CS: Great. Give me a “day in the life” as a Walmart greeter.
BS: Well, I like to say hello, and thank them for coming into Walmart. I say Merry Xmas and tings like dat.
CS: It has been widely reported that you are encouraged to wish customers a Merry Xmas.
BS: I taught everyone wished a merry xmas, I wish my Elmo merry Xmas like dat do.
CS: I noticed you are in costume, a cat maybe?
BS: Ha.. yep, I dress in kittys costume in Walmart to. Debbie is my friend dat come in to see me.
CS: It must get very busy at Walmart. Do you enjoy the season?
BS: My ankle hurts, Ha ha, I am in the neat chair aren’t I? Mom, where is my shoez?
CS: Could you get her shoes for her? thanks. Thanks for chattin with me Becky.
BS: Oh my god! Me too, Hahah bye Stevey.

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