Ex MTV VJ Dan Cortese opens up "Extreme Church" in North Syracuse

Ex MTV VJ and host of “Extreme Sports” show Dan Cortese is a born again Christian and is opening a Community Church in North Syracuse. Cortese claims that his “extremianity” religion is a “in your face” way to praise the lord. “We don’t dip our hand in the holy water, we bunjee jump into it. It’s like slappin Christ in the face and saying , Hey Jesus can you hang with us!”

Many conservative christians are put off by some of Reverand Cortese’s convictions which are being videotaped and played on the underground network, “Extremianity Faith X.” “Who sais you can’t praise the lord while jumping out of a plane, or base jumping into a volcano. The lord is extreme, look at that beard and set of ab muscles Jesus has, he is in shape and would love to hang with us.” We could not get any reports of where the church is going to be located, but Cortese stated that, “It will be the most extreme religous experience you have ever been apart of.”


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