Local farmers ask, "Where are the Mexicans?"

Ronnie Brewer has been a “wheat terd” farmer in Schuyler county for over 25 years. He has made a modest living, and created a quality life for his wife Kitty and their two children.
Ronnie has hired local labor and paid them a fair wage for their work. “I always wondered where those mexican folk are at? I ain’t seen none of them here near my farm looking for work.”
The way Ronnie sees it, he could pay an illegal immigrant 1/2 the rate he pays his current labor. “Man, those Tito Santana’s will work for like 25 cents an hour. My wife has been eyeing one of those Chevy Impalas for like 12 years.” When asked if he cares whether they are illegal or not, Ronnie states, “I don’t give a foreskin crap, as long as they know how to pick some wheat terd.”

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