Mayor bans keg stands and suprisingly, Zima!

Mayor Matt Driscoll recently signed legislation banning keg stands and the popular malt beverage Zima within City Limits. The new law goes into action this January. The new law certainly will affect most of Syracuse’s college population. Jeremy Lich, a Lemoyne freshmen said “I dont really care, I will just use my funnel instead, and I don’t even drink Zima. Who drinks Zima?” Kegstands got its popularity in the mid 80’s in Daytona Beach Florida, where many springbreakers did not have time to fill their plastic cups up, so they just went straight for the keg.

A spokesman for Zima stated, “Syracuse was a great partner with Zima for the last 18 years, we are sorry to lose the Syracuse market and all our Zima drinkers in the Salt City.”


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